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Jason Schober Media Inc.

  • 2009-2011

    Our Humble Beginnings

    After finishing my first degree in Information Technology (Bucharest, Romania), I started development websites and Apps, Ideas started in this stage to develop more Professional focsued websites. Our specialty is Weather Websites.

  • March 2011

    An Company is Born

    Jason Schober Media Inc develop Born in Timișoara, Romania as "Jason Schober Media Inc", We are desktop websites and Mobile Apps Developers.We owner of several website (Weather Websites) with traffic from around the world, Focusing in Europe & USA.

  • December 2012

    High Quality & Full Service

    In this stage we started using smart Weather API in order to bring Real-Time Weather data and Forecasts, Includes Maps, 10 Days Forecasts and more..

  • July 2014

    More Quality employee Join Us & New Branch

    In this year, We open our new branch in Bucharest, Romania and Joined to our team Several high quality Employees in order to stand with the increasing traffic in our websites group.

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Our personal Websites - Owned & Developed by Jason Schober Media Inc !

Ultimate Finance Blog

Ultimate Finance Blog


DeltaWeather - World Forecasts & Weather - Weather Forecasts

Delta Weather


News Haze - News and global articles

News Haze


Weather1ST -World Forecasts & Weather - Weather Forecasts

Weather First


Today HiTech - Tech News & Articles

Today HiTech

Tech News

Fantasy Football Sport

Fantasy Football Sport


XOWeather -World Forecasts & Weather - Weather Forecasts

Weather Date Time

Weather & Date & Time

XOWeather -World Forecasts & Weather - Weather Forecasts

Business Bees

Finance & Business

JizzTech - Technology & gadgets


Technology & gadgets

Our Offices

Branch Office:

Pop Bogomil Street, 4 fl. Business Center Eurotour 2
Sofia 2099
Tel: +359 2 4263791

Main Office:

25-27 Povernei Street, 6th Floor, Office 2, 1st District
Bucharest 011
Tel: +40 0373 78 27 27

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